Welcome to your #twenties beautiful friend and sister! I love you tons and so blessed to have you in my life!!! @eldeeguz
Love me some Green Tea


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xbrookemadison-deactivated20130: Do you still like the healthy sexy hair leave in?

YES! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I use it everyday and spray it into my hair before drying my hair! My hair gets super tangled, so it helps with that and makes it super soft!<3


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Being lavaliered by the man of my dreams! #lavalier #sigmakappa #pikappaphi #love #greeklove (Taken with Instagram)
Anonymous: What app did you use to make your hearts like that in your last picture?! It's super cute. (: P.s. I love your blog it's one of my favorites!

It is the picfx app! They have a lighting frame that I used to make the little hearts along the side of my picture! Thank you so much, that makes me sooo happy!!!!!!

Sigma Kappa Bid Day 2012💜 #sigmakappa #asusigmakappa #bidday #tutus #recruitment (Taken with Instagram)
Some girls are pretty in pink, but we are perfect in purple!!
For girls who love pearls&#8230; Sigma Kappa